Small Business License


Small Business License


One year Small Business License for use of the LexDye Definition Tracker by up to five separate users on up to five separate computers running OS X or MS Windows.  License includes all updates released during the one-year license period.

The LexDye Definition Tracker automates the management and tracking of defined and undefined terms in a contract or other document - regardless of length or complexity!

You will be able to download the LexDye Definition Tracker after you have completed the purchase of the Small Business License. 

For more information about the LexDye Definition Tracker, click here.

Please contact us if you are interested in an enterprise license for the LexDye Definition Tracker.

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Use of the LexDye Definition Tracker is subject to the terms of LexDye's End User License.  Click here for LexDye's End User License.

A Small Business License is not available to law firms or companies with more than 5 attorneys.  Law firms and other enterprises should obtain an Enterprise License from LexDye.  

Click here for the system requirements for the LexDye Definition Tracker.