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Don't Ever Miss an undefined Term in your contract draft

LexDye develops analytical software tools, not word processing tools, that enable attorneys and other professionals to gain an in-depth understanding of contracts and other documents during the drafting process.  

Our tools "dye" the text of a document to reveal potential drafting errors and to ensure that the draft reflects the intent of the drafter.

LexDye tools are developed and designed by lawyers for lawyers.

What is LexDye?

The LexDye Definition Tracker automates the management and tracking of defined and undefined terms in a contract or other document - regardless of length or complexity!

The LexDye Definition Tracker offers the following key features:

  • Find definitions in your document
  • Track uppercase and lowercase uses of defined terms
  • Find duplicate definitions
  • Find unused definitions
  • Find uppercase terms that are undefined

Click here to learn more about the many features and functionalities of the LexDye Definition Tracker.


LexDye is the brainchild of a technology lawyer with more than 20 years of experience practicing corporate and technology law.


You can use the LexDye Definition Tracker for free until AT LEAST March 31, 2017 under our Early Access Program.  No strings attached!