LexDye is a legaltech company that is focused on developing powerful analytical tools for better drafting of contracts and other documents.  We develop analytical tools, not word processing tools, that enable attorneys and other professionals to gain an in-depth understanding of contracts and other documents during the drafting process.  Our tools "dye" the text of a document to reveal potential drafting errors and to ensure that the draft reflects the contract as intended by the drafter.  

We recognize that our users are smart professionals who are highly experienced in document drafting.  Our tools do not aim to replace the drafter but to aid the drafting process by giving you powerful tools that give you new insights not available with the word processing tools used in conventional contract drafting.

Our overarching design principle is to keep things simple in order to allow our users to focus on the contract drafting process and to seamlessly integrate into the drafting process as is actually practiced by attorneys and other professionals.